Metaphors for mental illness I have used

A badly-trained border collie who needs constant attention and toys to chew on, otherwise it starts ripping up the furniture

A large gelatinous blob that I’m trying to hold to my chest, but it’s slimy and gooey and and keeps oozing out of my arms and I keep trying to pull the strands back up but they stretch and break like melted cheese

Similarly, a huge bundle of parcels I’m trying to hold onto, but boxes keep falling, and as I bend down to pick them up others fall

A bad housemate who doesn’t do anything really bad, but just makes life difficult for everyone else by not doing anything at all

Chronic pain, but chronic mental pain

Similarly, a recurring infestation of treatment-resistant termites slowly chewing away at my house. I can quell the termites temporarily, and I can repair the house, but I just don’t know when my foot’s going to go through the stairs.

A vampire who must stop to obsessively count the scattered rice or untie all the string they come across, except mine obsessively numbers faults and picks apart situations

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