44 nonbinary youtube channels.

You can’t be what you can’t see, so my favourite nonbinary youtubers are haggard thirty-somethings with a cynical outlook on life. However, I’ve included some shiny happy youths too, there seem to be a lot of those on youtube.

This list is in no particular order. Sometimes when I update this list random links stop working, so that’s quite annoying!

the liberal cook
Niel is an Irish nonbinary person who talks about capitalism, polyamory, gender, and how neoliberalism in Ireland is going. Real manic pixie dream enby vibes. A lot of their videos feature beautiful landscapes, songs, puppets, and run about half an hour to an hour long.
Recommended video: Capitalism and the Body

verily bitchie
Verity Ritchie does these incredibly in-depth videos about bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexuality in media, quirks of being bisexual, how bisexual and trans identities and experiences intersect, what it’s like to be nonbinary, and geek stuff. They’ve been on youtube for years so their range of videos is huge. She’s got a smart and wry vibe.
Recommended video: How Bisexuality Changed Video Games

jessie gender
Jessie’s channel is mostly about Star Trek, trans stuff and autism stuff. She has a dorky and geeky vibe which is really endearing.
Recommended video: Women of Star Trek: The Future Through a Lens of the Past

thought slime
Thought Slime is a political comedy youtuber who mostly makes videos about how things are bad. Sometimes how they’re bad in Canada, sometimes how they’re bad if you have ADHD, but mostly how they’re bad under capitalism. They have a goofy and cynical vibe.
Recommended video: GarfieldEats, a normal website in normal capitalism

Shonalika’s taking a break, but I really like this one video they made about explaining nonbinary gender. It’s a good one to send to people who don’t understand what nonbinaryness is, or to help yourself put feelings into words. They make videos about all sorts of topics and have a nice voice, but quite earnest vibes.
Recommended video: Nonbinary is Made Up

jim sterling
James Stephanie Sterling makes videos about problems with the games industry. They’ve been around for yonks talking about working conditions for game devs, microtransactions, patents, exploitation, hype, awful executives, and basically how AAA games companies are evil and how this trickles down into game development decisions. They’ve been sued a lot. They have a irreverent and brash vibe.
Recommended video: Activision, Blizzard and Industry Abuse: Burn It All Down

Jay Korviday doesn’t seem to upload any more, but they’re one of those perfectly androgynous beautiful people who make you wish you’d started hormones sooner. They make very serious videos with dreamy backgrounds about trans stuff and leftist youtube.
Recommended video: how can you be a “nonbinary trans guy”?

lily alexandre
Lily Alexandre only has a few videos up, but those videos are great. Mostly they’re about gender stuff, but there’s a few about art and media. I like that she goes straight to talking about existentialism and the void. She has a sweetiepie with firm boundaries vibe.
Recommended video: Millions of Dead Genders: a MOGAI Retrospective

kaz rowe
Kaz Rowe is a history youtuber who wears really good clothes and talks about the wacky stuff people used to do in the past. They do a few debunking historical myths videos, a few biographies of interesting weirdos, and a few queer history videos. Mostly they take a topic like ‘lighthouses’ or ‘gay bars’ and talk about the history of those for about half an hour. They have a dashing and gay vibe.
Recommended video: The VERY Complicated History of Women with Short Hair

Moe is an androgynous New Zealander kid. They talk about how transphobic people, usually other youtubers, are wrong and bad. They have a chaotic vibe.
Recommended video: Blaire White LIES about TRANSGENDER athlete Janae Kroc

sadlord 777
Lane used to make videos about gender and nonbinaryness, and now mostly talks about spirituality and community organising. Their old videos about transition are still really useful (particularly for Canadians), and it’s actually interesting to see how their appearance has changed as they’ve aged. They have a woozy chill vibe.
Recommended video: NB Transition: Changes on Low-Dose Testosterone

Luxander’s also been around for ages, and has a long back-catalogue of short videos about various trans issues. They have really useful videos about the minutia and nuances of nonbinary experience and a folksy vibe.
Recommended video: The Problem with Androgyny

riley j dennis
Riley doesn’t upload any more; I think she was hounded off Youtube. Her recent videos are mostly about Avatar: The Last Airbender, but her videos before that were some nice trans 101 shorts. She has a cheery American immigrant in Sydney vibe.
Recommended video: Why Birdo is a trans icon

harker, the storyteller
Harker is a Melbourne youtuber, which is nice to see. They make videos about the education system, capitalism, and explanations of topical topics. They’re a bit unpolished, and have an earnest and serious vibe.
Recommended video: The Revolution F*cks: Revolutionary Sexuality and Queerness

Col and Ari are a cute lesbian nonbinary couple who make videos about how good it is to be a cute lesbian nonbinary couple. They have a video about buying a house for $75,000 which as an Australian I am insanely jealous of. They have energetic young people vibes.

Freckle doesn’t exist, which is inspirational tbh. They’re a character in a webseries, but apparently the actor who plays them isn’t too far off. They have a lovely voice and a floaty, ethereal, fuck-you attitude. I really like their completely justified self-centredness.
Recommended video: The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo – Episode 1

Meg has made some really useful videos about low dose testosterone gel and its effects, and otherwise makes videos about their nonbinary experience. They talk about little details rather than huge broad topics, which I find really helpful. They have a cheery approachable vibe.
Recommended video: low-dose testosterone Q&A with my partner!

angel and nicole
Angel and Nicole are another adorable lesbian couple; Angel is nonbinary. It’s mostly Angel on the channel and they make videos explaining what nonbinary is, how to dress more masculine, spirituality, and everyday relatable coupley vlogging stuff. They have a couples vlog vibes.
I’m not really into lifestyle stuff so I don’t have a particular video to recommend.

ashton daniel
Ashton Daniel is an effeminate trans man with exhausted uni student vibes. I like that he looks very cool and is committed to defending trans weirdness. They like to make videos about books, especially young adult fiction, being trans online and at university, leftism, and saying nice things about stuff that other people are saying bad things about, like microlabels and neopronouns.
Recommended video: weird things that give me gender euphoria!

ash hardell
I think Ash Hardell was the biggest nonbinary youtuber for a while, but they seem to have stopped making videos. Tbh I don’t enjoy watching their channel very much because they are very cute and professional and I am not, but they certainly have made a lot of queer 101 videos. They have a perky quirky vibe.
Recommended video: I asked my Corporate Job if I could Wear the Men’s Uniform…

queer as cat
This channel is another useful resource for low-dose testosterone tips. Vesper also talks about the intersections of race, gender and asexuality, and what it’s like to be a non-binary immigrant to Japan. They have exasperated vibes.
Recommended video: QAC 58 – Escaping Womanhood || Non-Binary | AFAB | Internalized Misogyny (warning, this video has pretty serious slurs in it)

I am too old and too uncool to understand this beautiful person’s jokes.
Recommended video?? When homophobes assume your gender

a. wylde
Don’t know too much about this youtuber but they seem nice? Looks like they do life advice, and they have a series on nonbinary names. Athletic college student vibes. Don’t have a recommendation for this one.

khadija mbowe
Khadija’s channel header says “cool, fun, millennial aunty” and wow is that accurate! They make long video essays talking about the history of a random topic, sometimes a queer topic, sometimes a pop culture topic, often a race or eugenics topic, but in a fun way.
Recommended video: Maybe you should stay in the closet? Coming Out re-examined (I skipped the mattress ad for you)

Sophie has real cute hair and has a lot to say about video games and movies. They’re quick-witted and funny, even though a lot of her opinions are wrong! The matrix sequels suck actually!
Recommended video: The Matrix Sequels Are Good, Actually | Curio (ft. Sarah Zedig)

they said / they said
This is a little sitcom, it’s fictional! It’s about two nonbinary people who have different personalities and yet have to live in the same house. One of them is very uptight and one of them is very downloose. The episodes are about two minutes long and it’s a fine way to waste half an hour. I liked episode 4’s discussion of ‘other’ as a gender category especially.
Recommended video: Non-Binary Series | They Said They Said PILOT

Mav is on a spiritual transgender journey, which sounds nice. I’m not huge into the goddex stuff, but I haven’t seen anyone who amalgamates the trans stuff and the god stuff other than sadlord. They have wordy urgent proselytising vibes.
Recommended video: I wish someone would have told me this a long time ago… | BLACK NON BINARY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY

wonder tries
Wonder does a lot of trans videos, but also a bit of lifestyle vlogging, and has nice, ordinary person vibes. He has a few videos about coming out to Indian parents, what it’s like being androgynous, being transfeminine and using he/him pronouns, and being fat and trans.
Recommended video: Did I Even Want Breasts Before Hormones?

gabriel reséndez
Gabriel has made a lot of videos about Minoxidil, a hair-growth drug trans men sometimes use to grow hair. He’s got a whole series about the stuff.

saturn the original
Kirk makes videos about all sorts of topics – I don’t think I can really summarise their channel really. There’s a video about the death of classical music, there’s one about the tao te ching, one about amab top surgery, just a whole bunch. I think they have hapless but passionate high school teacher vibes, but Ultros thinks they have the vibes of someone who was doing bad at art school until they figured their shit out.
Recommended video: Dressing as an AMAB Non-Binary Person (cw: flashing lights)

emit greenwood
emit wears colourful eyeshadow and makes videos about dissociative identity disorder, paganism, and good books they’ve read. They seem fine.
Recommended video: What IS the Internet? | Is she even vegan?

xiran jay zhao
Xiran roasts movies and tv shows for representing Chinese culture badly. They’re pretty bombastic and really funny, and have amazing costumes.
Recommended video: EVERYTHING CULTURALLY WRONG WITH MULAN 2020 (And How They Could’ve Been Fixed)

bryn avery
Bryn makes chatty rambly videos about being a nonbinary trans person: how she came to figure out her identity, how hormones have affected her dysphoria, androgyny style tips, etc. Her videos seem sort of educational and intended for a cis audience but are also have lots of personal stories for people in the same boat. She has chill soft butch neighbour who will happily lend you a lawnmower and have a short chat vibes.
Recommended video: LIFE AS A TRANS WOMAN: My Experience Before Figuring Out I’m Non-Binary

brendan dunlap
brendan is a goodlooking thembo who seems like a real sweetie. They do a lot of thrift-hauls, style tips, and clothes and self-motivational stuff. They have a bubbly and lighthearted vibe.
Recommended video: My Non Binary Style Journey

sam downey
Sam has strong surfer vibes but I can’t tell you why. They talk about Canadian trans healthcare and the details of amab nb hrt, as well as having a surprising number of machine gun kelly bass covers.

noah hella
T can make your hair curlier? I had no idea that could happen. This guy has a cute Dutch accent and talks about getting testosterone injections in the Netherlands (not a euphemism). He stopped making videos a few years ago but the old ones are still up.
Recommended video: weird testosterone changes (transguy)

dara hoffman-fox
Dara Hoffman-Fox is in their 40s, which is really nice to see on youtube, and is a gender therapist. They make quiet rambly videos about gender identity. They have well-meaning gen x vibes.
Recommended video: Nonbinary Q&A with Dara Hoffman-Fox

el chenier
Pretty sure they’re a teacher. They’re in their 40s (or 50s?) too. Most of this channel seems to be class materials for an intro to gay history subject, but there’s a few non-educational ones like “meditation for nonbinary people” which is a cool concept.
Recommended video: Can reading gay history make you gay?

keara graves
Out of all the genders, the ones that are furthest from my experience are the genderfluid ones. Can’t imagine even having one gender, let alone multiple. Keara’s explainer videos are pretty good, and are part of her queer lifestyle series, which most of her channel is based around. They have helpful friend telling you how to fix your life at brunch vibes.
Recommended video: How I Knew I Was Genderfluid

Dutchy is a genderfluid Australian in their 30s! Nice! They talk about bisexual stuff! But they are too enthusiastic and cheery for my dour ears!
Recommended video: what to do when you don’t feel queer enough?

caiden louis
Caiden does a lot of reviews and tutorials – trans tape review, freckle tutorial, that sort of thing. They’re a sweet nb teenager and their videos are like hanging out with a chill acquaintance over zoom. Don’t have a particular video to recommend though.

moonlit moss
Kai likes to be organised and have an aesthetic and live an ordinary life and that is what their videos are about! They have cute intro graphics but a bad microphone! But don’t worry, their sweet nerdy queer vibes come across perfectly.
Recommended video: nonbinary people in history 🌈

bowties and books
This is a book channel! It’s a channel about books! They just talk about books all the time! Gay books! It’s wild!
Recommended video: Enby Book Club Picks Until 2022! 🎀📚

dr z phd
Dr Z isn’t nonbinary! She’s a psychologist specialising in transgender issues, and she talks about specific transitioning issues, like “fear of people abandoning you if you transition”, “here is why your gender is not an imposition on others”, or “regrets and how to deal with them”. I really like her channel, and it seems like every time she uploads a video it was made specifically about whatever I was thinking about that week. Lately she’s also been doing interviews with trans people about their transitions, which I haven’t watched because they’re too long.
Recommended videos: A Different Way to Look at Potential Problems Related to Transition or How to Set Transition Goals & Focus on Upward Trajectory.

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