i made myself a blog?!

hey there everyone, i’m gonna try and do some blogging, increasingly social media is getting weird and swerfy and anti-queer and just generally more and more centralised. there’s this meme going around that “we should just go back to blogs”, so yep! i’m putting my money where my mouth is and making myself a blog.

i’m planning to post a bunch of different stuff here: tech howtos, video game essays, politics stuff, reviews of junkfood, that kinda thing. perhaps most significantly, my partner and i are both trying to access some gender affirming surgeries at the moment and we want to document that process here. there’s bits and pieces of info about attaining surgery in so-called australia but it’s scattered around very particular sites like susan’s place, or burrowed away in old reddit threads that seem to have gone stale. we’re hoping to provide a contemporary account of how all that stuff is playing out at the moment anyway.

for that part of it i’d be keen to take submissions from other trans people about your experiences with trans healthcare in so-called australia, if you’re keen to share them, so hit me up!

hope this gets me writing a whole lot, i love writing and it’s really slipped away from me over the course of time. who knows, maybe my attention span will somehow grow back?

let’s see how this goes

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