i am a guest writer on ultros’ blog?!

Hello, I don’t know what gender is, do you know what gender is? I don’t. So in this blog I’ll be talking about three things: getting a hysterectomy, starting low-dose testosterone, and considering top surgery.

I’m very old and white and look middle-class and live in a relatively accepting part of the country, so these things affect the kind of healthcare I get.

I think words are a bit rubbish at describing inner experiences, but if I was tied to a chair above a boiling vat of radioactive crocodiles and forced to fill out a survey, I guess I’d choose ‘agender’ or ‘neutrois’ as a label. I don’t describe myself as transmasculine because I don’t want to be more male, just less female (but I will tell doctors I’m transmasc if that’s what gets the goods). My transition goals are pretty modest, and mostly about reducing discomfort with various body parts. I don’t really expect anyone besides my partners and a few nice friends to recognise my lack of gender.

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